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SingIT Studio Policies and Procedures

We want you to have the best possible outcome on your signing journey! Please review our policies before you begin lessons


Why are lessons online? 

 I am a touring musician and my nomadic lifestyle/frequent commutes used to impact my ability to be as consistent with my lessons.  Not to mention that singing together in the same room with so many students each day increased the possibility of illness transmission (and if we get sick, we can’t sing together!).  These days I can bring my students on tour with me and keep up more regular routines - which benefits everyone! 

Are online lessons effective?

I moved online in 2020 and I was surprised to find that many of my online students were improving even faster than my in-person students. I realized it was due to two main factors:

A: students were getting used to practicing in their own space (which can be a barrier to many and more practice makes for faster improvement) and B: students could easily record audio and video over zoom to review throughout the week, which improved the practice efficiency.  Plus, no need for you to deal with traffic and parking!

Do I need anything special for online lessons?
In short, no. I make sure we optimize the sound so I can get all the information I need. The average computer/smartphone mic is fine these days and after teaching for over 15 years, my ear is very attuned and I only find my job satisfying when I can offer great results. All you need is a streaming device and an internet connection! 

That being said, there are a few things that can improve the experience:

- a set of headphones with built-in mic 

- a second device to read lyrics/play tracks

- a playful attitude (it's okay to be learning!) 

Will you offer in-person lessons in the future?

Possibly! If online is a barrier for you, you may be interested in one of my in-person group courses.  Shoot me an email to find out more. 

Do you teach kids?

I love kids and all humans/voices develop a bit differently but I generally teach age 13+

I think I'm tone-deaf - is there hope for me?

Oh my gosh yes! There is hope for you! You would not believe how many people have this fear but true tone-deafness is VERY rare. Please email me, I would love to help!


Your voice is like any instrument and just because you were born with it, doesn't mean you were born knowing how to use it. You might just be amazed what just a few lessons can do.

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