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"Felicia is an inspiring vocal coach. She is patient and offers well thought out insight to questions posed at any time. I found her gentle and goofy personality offered me a safe place to learn. As an artist actively progressing in the music industry, I found her field experience to be immensely helpful, reassuring and enlightening. I believe I gain more than just vocal technique during my vocal lessons with Felicia Harding."

Zoubi Arros
Mel Gantly

I already knew Felicia Harding was a talented and gifted musician after having the pleasure of seeing her perform and hearing her amazing voice. When I signed up for vocal lessons with her, though, I discovered what an excellent and inspiring teacher she is. Felicia’s method of instruction is so effective because she not only focuses on the important physical and mental principles of how to use your voice properly to maximize your potential, maintain vocal health, and gain proficiency in the required techniques, but also because she wants nothing more than to help you reach your own goals and to sing what YOU want to sing, regardless of the style or genre. After working with Felicia for only a short time, I quickly felt the benefits of proper warm-up, breathing, projecting, enunciation and everything else I’d been taught in our lessons. Prior to our lessons, I could barely last three songs at an open mic without my voice feeling dry and strained, but afterward, I’ve been able to sing hour-long sets without any issues at all. That would not have been possible without Felicia. Even months and now years later, I’m still expanding my vocal range and abilities because of what I learned in her class. Felicia provides a relaxed learning environment, constant feedback and guidance, and a variety of lesson packages to suit everyone’s budget and schedule. Perhaps most importantly, Felicia believed in me and my abilities even when I didn’t. For that, and for everything she taught me, I am extremely grateful.

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