Need a demo?  Simple recordings to track and show off your progess available!

Learn to love your voice!  Lessons tailored to your unique instrument, goals and dreams.

Express yourself! Songwriting mentorship as well as performance coaching offered on request.


At Sing IT we take your health very seriously!


Due to the pandemic we will be teaching exclusively online lessons until

further notice.

Contact us for further information

and keep well!


 If you're interested in:
- Expanding your Range

-Improving your Tone

- Perfecting your Pitch

- Building Confidence
  - Improving Breath Control

- Having FUN with your Voice

   Then singing lessons are for you!



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"I have spent the past 6 months with Felicia building up my vocal repetoire. The techniques shes employs are holistic and deep and have helped me enormously. Felicia taught me all the necessary basics and this has not only helped me creatively but I found it added presence to my work presentations.For sheer persistence she deserves an award for putting up with me! I recommend her highly and she is a valuable asset for anyone seeking to improve their vocal skillset." - Paul Buchanon


"Felicia Harding is an excellent voice coach, and a groovy lady!! I had a grand time taking voice lessons from her. She helped me to build my confidence and discover my range. The voice exercises and singing, in general, even helped to heal some asthma and breathing issues, along side Chinese medicine treatments, I was taking. I have continued to sing, and have since learned to play guitar. Even writing some of my own tunes!! Thanks Felicia doll!! Hope to possibly work together, again, in the future, and much success to you, as an artist and entrepreneur. Felicia is highly recommended, by me" - Heather Lynn Bennett (

SingIT Studio is a safe zone.  A place to express yourself and learn how to navigate your voice in a comfortable and nurturing environment.  No matter what your style, Vocal Coach Felicia Harding (an active musician with years of experience) will show you all the tricks of the trade!  



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